Berago (buh rah go) is a word derived from a combination of my home town of Chicago, Illinois and my mother's home town (and my last name) of Berlin, Germany. That's right, my mom was born in Berlin, and married a man named Berlin. Growing up, our house was always filled with gorgeous flower arrangements in beautiful vases, exquisite porcelain and crystal figurines, and lovely, seasonal table settings, thanks to my mom and her European sense of style. And, even though my mother is not really into jewelry herself, I still credit her sense of fashion and taste for my own love of jewelry.


The jewelry in these pages is meant to be fun, practical, beautiful, and affordable. The sterling silver and gold charms for bracelets can be used traditionally in charm bracelets, or as pendants from necklace chains, earrings, pins, or (my personal favorite) charm necklaces. Right now, earrings and pins made from charms are special order (just email me at ), but I hope to make them a permanent item in the future. In addition to charms and charm-related products, I am also currently offering and adding other jewelry items such as necklaces and pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Of course, the name of the site is Berago Jewelry and More, so if it's home decor (the more) you're into, check out my ever-expanding selection of vases, gifts, candleholders and lanterns, tableware and garden items.

This website is dedicated to my mom, Hildegard Berlin, who passed away on April 5, 2014 at the age of 93.

Heidi Berlin, Owner

Berago Jewelry and More
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