Berago Jewelry...and More was inspired by three separate things:

1.    Animal-related products. I love animals, and wanted this store to have plenty of animal-themed items.  Look around, and you will see this theme throughout our store. From our Dog and Cat Charms to the Golden CZ Giraffe Pendant to the Free As a Bird Stool, animals are everywhere at Berago Jewelry and More.

2.    My mother. She died at the age of 93 in 2014, but her taste and influence have been a big inspiration for me. When I was growing up, our house was always filled with fresh flowers in beautiful vases, lovely figurines, and other tasteful accessories for the home and garden. I think my mother would have loved the products on this website.

3.    My own love of affordable jewelry. It's my fervent belief that jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be tasteful and gorgeous, or fun and whimsical. So Berago Jewelry and More offers elegant pieces such as the Divinity Necklace, as well as fun pieces like the Seashore Charm Bracelet

As for the name, Berago, it's a combination of my last name (and coincidentally, my mother's home town), Berlin, and my home town of Chicago.

Heidi Berlin

Owner, Berago Jewelry...and More